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Caladiums, Facy, Red, White, Brandy, Frieda Hemple...  We have them all...


Welcome to Caladium World.  We are a family owned farm that not only takes great pride in our caladium bulbs, but also in servicing you, our customers.   We have enjoyed the first thirty years with you and look forward to many more.  With that in mind, we hope you find all of the information you need on our site.  Should that not be the case, please don’t hesitate to call. 

So let’s get started.  For those not familiar with caladiums, the following is a short crash course.
A caladium plant is comprised of a planted bulb, stalks and the most important, the heart shaped leaves.  The leaves themselves are the colorful part of the plant.  No need to wait for flowers or fruit, a caladium begins to show off its brilliant display as the leaves unfurl.  We sell the ready-to-plant caladium bulbs.  After receiving your caladium bulbs, just cover with a little earth, moisten and get ready for a show.  Our Planting and Growing Tips page should answer any questions you have regarding the gardening process.

There are two types of caladiums.  The first, and most common group of caladiums is referred to as “Fancy Leaf”.  This type of caladium typically grows about knee high (assuming you are not taller than say 6’2”) and has an average leaf size comparable to a dinner plate.  

The second group of caladiums is referred to as “Strap & Dwarf”.  As the name implies, these caladium bulbs produce plants that have smaller leaves, comparable to a salad plate.  Heights for these types of caladiums can vary from ankle high to almost knee high (again assuming you are not overly tall).

Click on the Caladiums 101 link if you are voracious in your appetite for more caladium bulbs basics. 

Caladiums are packaged according to bulb size.  More food analogies to make digestion easier. 

                              Jumbo caladium bulbs - about the size of a nectarine 
                              #1 size caladium bulb - about the size of an apricot 
                              #2 size caladium bulb – about the size of a walnut
                              #3 size caladium bulb – about the size of a large grape

Mix all these sizes together and what do you get?  You are thinking fruit salad right…no, not fruit salad, but our most popular seller; Mixed Bulk Boxes.  

Caladium Worlds’ #1 selling item for our 30 years in business is the Mixed Bulk Box.    These boxes are mixed size caladium bulbs in mixed colors. Like fruit salad, every box is different and always will be.   Mixed bulk boxes are interesting to watch grow and wondrous to behold when done.

Welcome to Caladium World
Welcome to Caladium World



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