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Fancy Leaf Mixed Color Caladiums

Fancy Leaf Mixed Color Caladiums

Fancy Leaf Mixed Color Caladiums
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Fancy Leaf Mixed Color Caladiums in and near Florida

Fancy Leaf Mixed Color Caladiums



Height is approximately 12”-24” tall
Leaf size is typically Med-Lg
Will tolerate full sun(for the most part)

All Colors Mixed, truly the great caladium melting pot.  All colors, heights and leaf sizes are included in these packages.  This theme of inclusion makes them our most popular item.  A great way for caladium newbies to see the many nuances of this plant and hopefully find their favorite and become a Caladium World citizen.  If you have prejudices against any or some variety characteristics this would not be the option for you.  However, the impartial horticulturalist should find it easy to bask in the glow of this multicultural mix of cultivation.  If you can’t find even one to like out of this mix, you might potentially be a xenophobe.  A mass bed of mixed caladiums is quite a horticultural exposition to behold.

Mixed color caladium bulbs can be purchased in two package types.

First is by specific bulb sizes and count.  You get exactly the size and number of caladium bulbs that you order.  While not all sizes are always avialable in every variety, caladium bulb sizes for fancy leaf caladiums are: 

Large Caladiums Size

The second option is what we call our Bulk Boxes.  We fill the size appropriate bushel basket for your order and then send them on their way to you.  Bulb counts are approximate since they will vary based on the bulb sizes.   The Bulk Boxes typically contain more varieties than counted mixed boxes since we have the option to include multiple bulb sizes. 

Bulk Box options for mixed color/ mixed sized caladium bulbs:
3 Qt Box             30-50 caladium bulbs     Approx. 4-5 lbs         Covers 5 square feet or 20 running feet
¼ Bushel Box      65-120 caladium bulbs   Approx. 10-12 lbs      Covers 12 square feet or 50 running feet
½ Bushel Box    140-275 caladium bulbs   Approx. 23-27 lbs      Covers 24 square feet or 100 running feet
¾ Bushel Box    250-400 caladium bulbs   Approx. 30-35 lbs      Covers 36 square feet or 150 running feet
Full Bushel Box  300-600 caladium bulbs  Approx. 40+ pounds  Covers 48 square feet or 200 running feet.

Not sure what bulb size to order?  Visit our Bulb Sizes page for help on this topic.
Need a basic introduction to caladium bulbs?  Visit our Caladiums 101 page.


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Fancy Leaf Mixed Color Caladiums


Fancy Leaf Mixed Color Caladiums
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