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Fancy Leaf Pink Mix Caladiums

Fancy Leaf Pink Mix Caladiums

Fancy Leaf Pink Mix Caladiums
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Fancy Leaf Pink Mix Caladiums in and near Florida

Fancy Leaf Pink Mix Caladiums


Height is approximately 12”-24” tall
Leaf size is typically Med-Lg
NOT recommended for full sun

Mixed Pinks, won't find any Cadillacs or flamingos in this mix, just lavish leaves displaying gorgeous pink hues.  Pink caladiums will not give you the slip and leave you hanging after all the hard work of planting.  As a matter of fact, you will most likely be tickled pink with the results they produce.  A few of these pinko varieties exhibit color strains from their commie red caladium cousins.  Not too much red is displayed though……Joe would have no inkling of their distant affiliation.  Speaking of Joe, let's not forget Floyd.  Pink caladiums are sure to be a standout in your garden, not just another brick in the wall.  Repeatedly planting pink caladiums year after year tends to result in a very fine eye for all things pink.  I pink I am finally finished here.   What a relief for all of us.

Should you want something entirely different please feel free to peruse our Availability Page to see a small glimpse of every variety of caladium that we sell.

While not all sizes are always available in every variety, caladium bulb sizes for fancy leaf caladiums are: 

Large Caladiums Size

Not sure what bulb size to order?  Visit our Bulb Sizes page for help on this topic.           
Need a basic introduction to caladium bulbs?  Visit our Caladiums 101 page.


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Fancy Leaf Pink Mix Caladiums
Fancy Leaf Pink Mix Caladiums
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