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Miss Muffet Caladiums

Miss Muffet Caladiums

Miss Muffet Caladiums
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Miss Muffet Caladiums in and near Florida

Miss Muffet Caladiums


Height is approximately 10”-14” tall
Leaf size is typically Sm-Med
Will tolerate full sun

Miss Muffet, we all know her nursery rhyme right?  She sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey……whatever the heck those things are??   Well to clarify, a tuffet is a low, small seat.  OK that part makes sense.  Low and small works for describing Miss Muffet caladiums as they are a dwarf variety.  Now on to the curds and whey.  Basically it's cottage cheese.  Got nothing here to relate cottage cheese to caladiums (who could?).   So let's just go with a small and frilly caladium who does not mind if a spider sits down beside it.  Great colors that can compare to a peacock spider.   Leaves can range from pale yellow to shamrock green.  Flecks and specks that can range from hot pink to wine purple.

Like pint-sized in a caladium, but want a different color scheme?  Try Gingerland.  Run, run as fast as you can, cause you can't catch.....  Should you want something entirely different please feel free to peruse our Availability Page to see a small glimpse of every variety of caladium that we sell.

While not all sizes are always available in every variety, caladium bulb sizes for strap leaf and dwarf caladiums are: 

Strap & Dwarf Caladiums Sizes

Not sure what bulb size to order?  Visit our Bulb Sizes page for help on this topic.           
Need a basic introduction to caladium bulbs?  Visit our Caladiums 101 page.


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Miss Muffet Caladiums
Miss Muffet Caladiums
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Welcome to Caladium World



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