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White Queen Caladiums

White Queen Caladiums

White Queen Caladiums
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White Queen Caladiums in and near Florida

White Queen Caladiums


Under ideal circumstances, White Queen Caladiums will display a white leaf, green border and scarlet veins.   White Queen can have many different appearances based on soil type and fertilizers.  Immature plants or highly fertilized plants will tend to show more red, pink or green hues than our picture displays. 

This variety represents a typical size caladium.  A bed of White Queen Caladiums will display several different leaf patterns and color variances.    A light application of fertilizer may easily change the appearance of this plant.

This is a sun tolerant caladium.  Dimensions for this caladium are 12”-24” tall with a medium to large leaf. 

While not all sizes are always available in every variety, caladium bulb sizes for fancy leaf caladiums are: 

Large Caladiums Size

Not sure what bulb size to order?  Visit our Bulb Sizes page for help on this topic.           
Need a basic introduction to caladium bulbs?  Visit our Caladiums 101 page.


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White Queen Caladiums
White Queen Caladiums
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