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  Fannie Munson Caladiums
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  Kathleen Caladiums
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  Florida Sweetheart Caladiums
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Would you like to be notified of specials during the season? Perhaps you care to have an annual reminder when caladium bulbs go on sale... Feel confident in signing up with Caladium World to receive important seasonal emails.  Please rest assured that when you join our list you will not be bombarded with superfluous and irrelevant emails.  Much like you, we too are disappointed when we sign up for an email list and start receiving multiple emails per day.  We send 2, maybe 3 emails in a season,  (After all we don't want you to have hand cramps from deleting emails.    Save your strength for planting caladium bulbs!)
Concerning privacy, we will never sell or trade your information with another entity.   Obviously, we cannot be held responsible for NSA eavesdropping, as everyone is subject to that.   Please know however that our email server is not located in the basement, where it could be easily hacked.  In fact, for your protection we have built a wall around our email server.

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Welcome to Caladium World
Welcome to Caladium World



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