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Frequently Asked Questions


Can’t say it enough….heat, warmth, hot, oven like, oppressive summer temps, etc.  Caladiums NEED warm temps to even begin growing.  We understand that the word “warm” is relative to where one resides so let’s put a number on it so we are all on the same page.   It is OK plant caladiums when your night time temps are staying above 65 degrees on a consistent basis.  Visit our Caladiums 101 page for additional caladium bulb basics

Open your box(es) as soon as you get your happy green thumbs on them.  Like you and I, caladiums appreciate and need good air circulation.   Lack thereof can result in a bluish greenish mold (much like the color we turn when deprived of air).

Caladium bulbs are harvested from the earth.   Some of this precious earth may hitchhike on the bulbs.  Don’t worry, we won’t charge you for this black gold.  However, do not open them on the kitchen counter men, your wife will be mad.

Order early for a chance to get your first choice.  Caladium bulbs are a limited commodity and ordering early doesn’t mean you pay early.  Credit cards are not charged until just prior to shipping so no problem changing an early order.  To see our suggested shipping dates for your area visit our Shipping Info page.

We TRY and ship according to last frost dates, but that has proved difficult the last few years with weather becoming more unpredictable. (Obviously, combining “weather” and “predictable” creates an oxymoron).   Need a specific ship date?  Just ask and in most cases we are able to accommodate your request.  Please be aware that we do not refund or replace orders that are shipped early at the customer’s request.

Most areas of the country will have to dig up bulbs in order to carry them over from year to year.  The only exceptions being south of Central Florida and coastal areas where freezes rarely occur.  Visit our Storage Tips page for additional info on this subject.

Caladiums can be grown as houseplants, but they do have high sunlight requirements.  Insufficient light will cause caladiums to become overly tall and leggy.  This is not an attractive look for the plant as far as we are concerned.  Visit our Planting & Growing Tips page for additional info on this subject.

Occasionally you might notice seed pods or blooms on your caladium plants. Removing these stems will not hurt the plant and re-directs that energy back into leaf production.



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Welcome to Caladium World



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