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Mixed fancy leaf Caladiums
  Fancy Leaf Mixed Color Caladiums
Red fancy leaf Caladiums
  Frieda Hemple Caladiums
  Red Flash Caladiums
  Postman Joyner Caladiums
  Brandy Wine Caladiums
  Fire Chief Caladiums
  Festivia Caladiums
  Fancy Leaf Red Mix Caladiums
White fancy leaf Caladiums
  Candidum Caladiums
  Aaron Caladiums
  White Christmas Caladiums
  June Bride Caladiums
  White Queen Caladiums
  Moonlight Caladiums
  Fancy Leaf White Mix Caladiums
Pink fancy leaf Caladiums
  Carolyn Wharton Caladiums
  Fannie Munson Caladiums
  Rosebud Caladiums
  Roselight Caladiums
  Pink Beauty Caladiums
  Scarlett Pimpernell Caladiums
  Kathleen Caladiums
  Fancy Leaf Pink Mix Caladiums
Strap leaf Caladiums
  Red Frill Caladiums
  Florida Sweetheart Caladiums
Dwarf leaf Caladiums
  Miss Muffet Caladiums
  Candidum Junior Caladiums
  Gingerland Caladiums
Lance leaf Caladiums
  Lance Wharton Caladiums
  Pink Symphony Caladiums
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Caladiums in and near Florida

Photo Testimonials


This page contains just a small sampling of customer photos. To see additional spectacular displays with our caladiums just visit our social media pages from the links below. Please feel free to send us your pics so we can post them for all to see and admire.


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     Jewel T of Dallas, Texas Caladiums      Jennifer P of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Caladiums


     Joyce A of Dakota, Illinois Caladiums      Kerry M of Burleson, Texas Caladiums


     Mary M of Jersey City, New Jersey Caladiums      Mary T of St Louis, Missouri Caladiums


     Kim B of Hawthonn, New York Caladiums      Rebecca B of Bernardsville, New Jersey Caladiums


     Faye of Winter Haven, Florida Caladiums      Gretchen of Seabrooke, Texas Caladiums


     John of Seldon, New York Caladiums      Estelle of Valrico, Florida Caladiums


     Marsha & Kerry of Knox City, Texas Caladiums      LaVelle of Five Points, Alabama Caladiums


     Beth of St Louis, Missouri Caladiums      Mary of Waveland, Mississippi Caladiums


More pictures to come later.  Send us your photos..


Welcome to Caladium World
Welcome to Caladium World



Caladiums of FL
Caladiums of Florida



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