Caladium Bulbs

Bulb Size Explained


                        Grade               Bulb Diameter              Planting Distance   
                          #2                       1”-1 ½”                             2”-4”
                          #1                      1 ½”-2 ½”                          4”-7”
                        Jumbo                  2 ½”- 3 ½”                         8”-10”

Bulbs are sized according to industry standard measurements.   In this crazy industry, the larger the grade number the smaller the bulb.  (Runs counter intuitive to basic numbering principles and would be much easier to just use small, medium or large but that would be too simple I suppose??)  
Basically, the larger the bulb the more leaves you can expect. Planting distance suggestions are loosely based on those expectations.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about caladium bulb size.  Larger bulbs DO NOT guarantee larger leaves, just more of them.  Larger bulbs DO NOT make for taller plants either.   Leaf size and height are determined by many different variables, even when comparing plants of the same variety.  The easy short version is - a larger the caladium bulb will produce more leaves.  Larger bulbs also tend to reach maturity more quickly making them an ideal choice for areas with a shorter growing season.

The following are just a few of the explanations for difference in height and leaf sizes in no particular order

-variety characteristics –some varieties just naturally grow big (or small) by nature 
-large eyes on the bulb- caladiums are like potatoes and the bulbs have eyes of varying sizes
-super great planting and care and or lack thereof
-dense shade – this will definitely make them tall