Caladium Bulbs

Storage Tips

So you love your bulbs and want to save them for the next season?  Storing caladium bulbs is possible if you follow a few simple rules of thumb. 

Caladium bulbs should be dug before your first frost.  Time permitting, the leaves should be allowed to dry up and fall off naturally.  This allows the nutrients from the leaves to be absorbed back into the bulb enabling the bulb to bulk up for storage.  The leaves may also be removed by cutting them off close to the bulb, being careful not to cut into the bulb.  Cuts or tears into the bulb increase the chance of fungus/rot/infection during storage.

After digging, your caladium bulbs should be allowed to dry for a few days.  This is best done by laying them out on a towel or newspaper and provide good warm ventilation.  A gentle breeze or small fan combined with some sunlight or in a heated garage will firm them up in a week or so.  Roll them around occasionally to ensure proper drying.

 Ideally, caladium bulbs should be stored in flats to ensure good ventilation.  If space is limited, the bulbs may be placed in mesh bags or panty hose with peat moss as a separator.   Many folks just hang these bags in an unused closet or heated garage throughout the off season.

We can’t say it often enough or loud enough– caladium bulbs love HOT weather.  Caladium bulbs should be stored in an area that maintains temps above 65 degrees.  Told ya’ that we can’t mention warm temps often enough.