Caladium Bulbs

Upright Elephant Ears
Height 3'-5'. Shiny green leaf grows upward. Will tolerate full sun, partial shade is ideal.

Upright Elephant Ears

Not for Sale.

This type of elephant ear is in the Alocasia family and refers to the upward direction in which the leaf points.

These plants have solid green matte leaves (sorry, no fancy color offerings just yet). They will grow in full sun, but like the caladiums, partial shade is ideal. This type of Elephant Ear can grow year-round if temperatures allow. They typically grow anywhere from 3’-5’, but tend to grow larger than our traditional elephant ears. This particular bulb is oblong and measured on circumference, different from caladium bulbs that are measured on diameter. We offer the following sizes.

                                                #701 –  7”-9”    sweet potato

                                                #702 –  9”-11”  large sweet potato


WARNING: Elephant Ear bulbs are NOT for edible consumption.


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